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Philosopher, musician, filmmaker, entrepreneur Jake Cenk Koseleci has deep conversations in his home studio with a wide array of guests on the biggest and smallest questions about art, science, technology, life, the universe and everything.
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Jan 30, 2017

In this conversation Jake and Craig ponder the art of relating to each other and how media, bias, fake news and belief systems are creating barriers in between people and bubbles around individuals. They discuss the nature of “truth” and the role journalism traditionally played in distributing content and what journalism means in today’s world. How do we distinguish the real from the fake?. Craig and Jake ponder the emergence of AI, ethics and the moral responsibility of the designers of the future. The two explore ideas about Virtual Reality and what this world might look like, Jake suspects much like a psychedelic trip. The big question throughout this conversation is how do we relate to people who hold fundamentally different world-views. If progressive actions are what’s needed in today’s turbulent world, then we need to adopt new ways of relating, understanding and educating people on the issues that matter. And finally, amidst all the chaos, how do we find calm so that we can move about in non-destructive ways, creating bridges not barriers. 

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Jan 25, 2017

Bonus music episode featuring the work of Jake's alter cyclone Cenk. It's the last 23 minutes of his recent live performance for and

If it was a song it would be called "It's About Your Reality". Turn it up and dance!
Jan 21, 2017

In this episode Jake and Elena discuss the current cultural and intellectual curiosities around home life, owning your own business, the changing workplace, young people, AI and of course, super-intelligence. The theme is balance. How do we find it, sustain it and manage the creative, intellectual, practical and existential flows? Elena describes her role as business owner and mom and how she created a life that works for her.  

Jan 14, 2017

In this episode, Liberal Cucktard, A Primer For The Alt-Right, after a brief detour into the Star Trek vs Star Wars debate, Jake engages the young men of the Alt-Right with some brotherly advice and maps them within a framework illustrating the polarization of empathy and intelligence. 

Jake wonders whether the term Cucktard, coined by the alt-right as an insult intended to demoralize liberals while signalling their own hyper-masculinity may actually reveal a hyper-insecurity. The rise of authoritarians, the Putins, the Trumps and other mafiosi of the world is perhaps a massive overcompensation for a fundamental weakness shared by countless young men, looking for leadership in all the wrong places. 
Jan 6, 2017

In this episode Jake welcomes Toronto artist, Jo Blakley where they discuss the more esoteric elements of the universe, such as the forces of creative genius, oneness, love, religion, spirituality and what it means to be an artist. Jo offers insights on her own spiritual and religious experiences, with reference to William Blake, from whom she draws her name. Jo is an optimist, who believes that love is the ingredient that holds the universe together. She believes that the spiritual energies in the world are slanted towards good and that we are now faced with a critical opportunity to connect, and encourage the creative genius in each one of us at a time of great uncertainty. She imparts that one doesn’t have to look much further than oneself for the answers.